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What's 174 Call Center? What's its purpose?

174 Call Center is established for the purpose of conveying all kind of notifications and complaints of the consumer to the relevant authority in an easy way, directing the communication from a single center, returning to the consumer about their complaints as soon as possible and monitoring the result. It is aimed at having consumers to participate in the activities carried out for ensuring food security by the Ministry. The notifications and complaints reported by the consumers are recorded by the operators who receive trainings organized on these issues by our Ministry.

Is there any fee for 174 Call Center?

174 Call Center is charged according to GSM operators’ rate to prevent, misuse, false notifications and complaints. The agreement was made with Turk Telekom and GSM companies within the scope of the lowest tariff charging. However, according to the announcement made to the public by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority, the calls to be made for three-digit numbers, starting with 1 over fixed line and mobile network as of 1 February 2013 shall be deducted from the allnet calls limits or the charging shall be reflected to the invoice in this way. Besides, you can convey your applications free of charge to 174 Call Center via the webchat available at the following addresses , and mobile applications.

How does 174 Call Center work?

After conveying the information about the establishment or the product that you want to complain or notify through the 174 channels that are described above, the record of your complain or notification is created in the database.

How are the results of the applications made to 174 Call Center reported to the citizens?

The application number is sent as an e-mail for the applications created via e-mail. The application number is reported verbally for the records you created by phone. If you applied through web, you can trace your record via your application number and passport number on Furthermore, if you reported through e-mail and/or mobile, an information message related that your application is sent to your e-mail address and/or mobile phone, after the case is concluded.

Can I file a complaint without conveying my personal information? Is the personal information that we share with you while creating record, shared with others?

For complaint registration, your personal information is taken but is not shared 3rd parties.

Who is going to inspect the establishments that we complain?

The inspections are conducted by the Provincial and District Official Control Officers affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

How long does it take for my application to be concluded?

The finalization period of applications is approximately 15 days. However, this period may be extended in the event of sampling concerning the application or granting an extension to the establishment.